Create templates to send signature requests faster

If you are creating envelopes with fields frequently, you'll soon find yourself spending too much time just in placing the fields onto the document. This is where Templates come in handy and unlock convenience with automation.

A Template is a document where you can define roles involved in the signature process, add fields, assign the roles to the fields, all just once and reuse them for every signature request. At the time of creating the Envelope, you'd only have to provide the recipient's email address.

Envelope signature requests created via Templates also go through the same lifecycle as one created from an Original document. A new pending file is created, which then goes through the various signature lifecycle stages. Once completed, the final document is available as a completed document.

Pre-fill data onto Templates with Merge Fields

Merge Fields is a feature that lets you pre-fill a template with data before creating an envelope signature request. This is especially useful for documents like invoices, agreements, and contracts where most of the document content remains the same for all your users while some elements of the document would need to change dynamically for each signature request based on the user who needs to sign it.

Eg. An invoice could have the quantity of the item purchased changing for each customer. An offer letter could have different compensation details for each hire. A vendor agreement could have SSN, and address changing for each vendor.

Creating a Template with Merge Fields

  1. Create a new Template using the Signeasy Web interface.
  2. Set the roles of signers and go to the next step to prepare the document as a template.
  3. For text fields, you will see an option to enable Field Automation. Once you enable this to the fields, you can fill them programmatically at the time of creating the Envelope to initiate the signature request.
  4. Set a label for the merge field to help you map the field with the data you want to pre-fill. In the screenshot below, you can see the label "mergeLabel".
  5. Save your Template once done.

A maximum of 25 merge fields can be added to a template. If you need more, please write to us and we will extend the limit.

Sending documents using templates with Merge Fields

You can set values to merge fields when you start a signature request using templates using the Create or send an envelope.

Pass the labels & values as a dictionary in the request and the document will be pre-filled with the values before the document signers view and sign the document.

You can also choose a font size to set the values of the labels, giving you finer control and flexibility. This is usually useful when you want to use long text values for certain merge fields. Font size starting at 10 is recommended, to help with legibility for your document signers.

In case of required merge fields where you don't set any value, an empty string will be used as the default value.