Error Codes

You will usually receive the following return codes on using the APIs.

Status CodeDescription
200Your API request was successful, but there could be errors in some cases. Please refer to the API reference.
201Your API request was successful.
204On successful update or create. There won't be a response body, only headers.
400One of the required request parameters is missing.
401Authentication error. Your access token most likely expired and you'd need to generate a new access token based on the type of your authorization flow.
404The API you are using does not exist.
405This API does not support the HTTP method you are using.
422API credit limit has been exceeded or exhausted.
429You have exceeded your fair usage limit.
500There was an exception on the Signeasy servers, please issue a technical support ticket for assistance.

(Kindly attach the API Request Id for a faster response).
503The Signeasy API service is down, please reach technical and product support for assistance.