Get Started with Test Access Token

Easily create a test app and generate a test access token to explore

Create a test application

Toggle the environment to 'Test Mode' and follow the steps to create an application from the Signeasy developer portal.

Generate a test API access token

Once you have a test app created, navigate to the Authentication tab and click on the Generate Access Token button to create your test API access token.


Not for use in live integrations

The applications created in test environments are limited and restricted only for testing purposes. The keys you generate in test mode are only meant for testing and getting started with integrating the Signeasy APIs. If you would like to go live to production, toggle the environment to live, purchase a plan that suits your business needs, and create a live application to generate a live access token.

How to use the test access token in a request?

The API access token allows you to make requests to the Signeasy API on behalf of a user. You should include your API key in the Authorization header for every requests.

Add the header, Authorization: Bearer APIKEY in the API request headers to authenticate all your APIs.

curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer <API KEY>"