Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways I can request signatures using the Signeasy API?

Embedded signing — Where your signers can sign documents within an iframe in your website or a view within your application.

Non-embedded signing — Where your signers will be receiving the signing link to their email inbox that they can view it in a browser and sign.

What is the maximum lifetime of an access token? Do you have long-lived tokens?

Access tokens obtained via client credentials flow are valid for 30 days. It is recommended that you rotate your access tokens.

How often should clients refresh their token?

As frequent as possible since we're reducing the expiry time of the access token and it's a good practice to refresh tokens frequently and use the latest token

What are the best practices while integrating the Signeasy API?

  • Integrate the latest version of our APIs (current version v3).
  • Securely store the client_id and client_secret in your database.
  • Refer to the sample codes for each endpoint and understand how the APIs are to be implemented in your native languages.
  • Make sure your developers handle access token expiry in the code. Identify the type of application you implement, the OAuth authorization flow, and implement the expiry handler in your code.
  • Use webhooks to register for events and get real-time updates rather than polling the servers for statuses.

Does Signeasy API offer an extra security authentication layer at the time of signing documents?

Yes. We will be supporting email and SMS-based OTP authentication soon. And for advanced identity verification, for Indian customers, we provide Aadhaar-based authentication (single recipients only).

Does Signeasy API offer out-of-the-box integrations?

Yes. A complete list of available integrations can be found on our integrations page.

What is the maximum number of signers supported per signature request?

45 recipients.

What is the maximum file size allowed per document?

25 MB.

What is the maximum number of merge fields that I can add to a document?

There are no limits to the merge fields as of now. But the optimal limit we recommend is 100 to 120.

How many apps can I create?

When you are on the free plan, you can create up to 3 apps. If you are on a paid plan, you can create up to 10 apps. If you would like to increase your app limit, please write to us at [email protected].

How many webhooks can I create?


What happens if my plan expires?

The envelope endpoints will be restricted and you won't be able to send any signature requests. You will be reminded before your plan expiry and if the credits are completely utilized. Please ensure the renewal of the plan ahead of time to ensure continued usage.

Does Signeasy remind signers about signature requests sent via API?

Yes. We remind the signers about a pending signature request for up to 7 days.