Go Live with Live Access Token

Create live application and generate live API access token for production

Create a live application

Toggle the environment to 'Live Mode' and follow the steps to create an application from the Signeasy developer portal.

Generate a live API access token

Signeasy offers two convenient Oauth authorization flows for different types of apps. Identify your integration type and follow one of the two following authorization flows to generate your access tokens using the client_id and client_secret you obtained from the above step.

  1. Client credentials flow
  2. Authorization code flow


Not sure to choose Client credentials grant or Authorization code grant?

In a nutshell, if you are using the API to access your organisation's Signeasy account from your website or app, use client credentials grant flow to authorize your requests. If you want multiple Signeasy users to access and use their own Signeasy accounts from within your platform, use the authorization code grant flow.