Introduction to Signeasy APIs

Thank you for choosing Signeasy to integrate esignature into your solutions.

Signeasy APIs v3.0 offer extensive capabilities to integrate esignature within your product or via email. With the APIs, you can send multiple documents (original or template) as an envelope to one or more recipients, get notified in real-time, and have complete control throughout the signature lifecycle of the document.

If you have any queries regarding the e-signature integration, reach out to us at [email protected]. We'll revert with our architecture and solution team to ensure Signeasy fits well to your use case.

We hope you have a great experience integrating Signeasy.

Postman Collection

Run in Postman

Get started with the Postman collection

All Signeasy APIs are authenticated using the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework. You can get started right away with a free test API Key and start exploring the APIs.

Once you've obtained your API Key, add it to your postman collection of the API. Select the collection folder, navigate to the Variables tab and paste your key as the current value to theaccess_token variable.


Adding your API key as a variable (access_token) in Postman.

  • Some APIs in the collection require data specific to your account such as original_id (Original file ID) as a path parameter.
  • For example, the Fetch details of an original endpoint requires you to include the original_id as a path parameter.
  • These parameters are enclosed in {{}} in the collection, meaning you can set the original_id as a variable.
  • The API responds with an error if the IDs are incorrect or if they don't exist in your system.