These docs are for v2.1. Click to read the latest docs for v3.

Fetch User Details

Retrieve information about the current authorized user. You will receive these user details even if the user has not verified their email address or if the account is not active.

The User Object

account_typeintegerThe plan the user is currently on.

0: Basic or the free plan
1: Lifetime subscription of Standard
2: Standard plan
3: Plus plan
4: Premium plan
activation_timetimeThe time in epoch, when the user verified their email address.
is_auto_renewintegerIf the user is on an auto renewing subscription.
companystringCompany details updated by the user. Name of the company will show up here.
company_sizestringCompany details updated by the user.
created_timetimeThe time in epoch, when the user created the account.
document_creditsintegerThe number of signing credits the user has, if they are on a Basic plan.
emailstringThe email address of the user.
first_namestringFirst name of the user.
idintegerUser ID of the user.
is_paidintegerFlag indicating if the user is on a paid plan.

0: Free plan
1: Paid plan
last_namestringLast name of the user.
last_modified_timetimeThe time in epoch, when the user last made changes to their profile information.
referrer_codestringThe referral code of the user.
referrer_promo_leftintegerThe number of times, the user's referral code can be redeemed.
subscription_expiry_timetimeThe time in epoch, when the user's subscription will expire. If auto renewal is turned on, it would renew at this time.
imported_file_countintegerThe number of times the user imported a document.
signed_file_countintegerThe number of times the user signed a document.
card_brandstringThe card brand, which will be used for subscription renewal.

Only applicable to users who signed up for a subscription on the SignEasy WebApp.
statusintegerFlag indicating if the user has an activated account or not.

0: Not activated
1: Activated account
email_verifiedintegerFlag indicating if the user has verified their email address with SignEasy.

0: Not verified. API calls will not function for users with unverified email addresses.
1: Email address verified.