These docs are for v2.1. Click to read the latest docs for v3.

Bulk Signing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bulk signing?

This functionality allows the signer to sign envelopes in bulk without opening individual requests. This will save a lot of time for signers who must regularly sign/approve multiple documents at once.

How many envelopes can be signed in bulk?

Currently, we support up to 25 envelopes.

What information do I need to get a bulk signing link?

All you need is the list of pending_file_id and the signer_email.

Can I bulk-sign envelopes sent via both embedded and non-embedded workflow?

Yes, you can send a bulk-sign request to a user with envelopes sent via both embedded and non-embedded workflow.

In which signature workflow can we bulk sign?

Bulk signing is supported only in ordered signing workflow.

What fields are allowed in bulk signing?

Only signature fields can be signed when bulk signing. You will not be able to create a signing link when you have additional fields on the document.

Can the signer view all the documents before bulk signing?

No. Currently, the signer can’t view the documents.

Can we show a message to the signer?

Yes, you can customise the title and the message on the bulk signing page.


How is this recorded on the audit trail?

Yes, you will see a note on the audit trail.