These docs are for v2.1. Click to read the latest docs for v3.

Fetch user now includes details about the envelope credits available in your developer account.

    "...": "..."
    "envelope_credits_available": 1760,
    "envelope_credits_consumed": 40,
    "grace_envelope_credits_available": 180,
    "grace_envelope_credits_consumed": 0,
    "...": "..."

Businesses on the Advanced plan can now place and assign a stamp field in a signature request. Stamp field is available in the following scenarios as a new enum value for the type property of the fields_payload object.

Decommissioning Bulk Sign

by Karthikeyan KC

We introduced Bulk Sign as a solution to a specific issue faced by individuals such as landlords or CEOs, where they need to sign multiple documents at once. While Bulk Sign was a valuable feature for some businesses, we have decided to discontinue it in order to focus on our upcoming roadmap.

All Bulk Sign endpoints have been removed and no new requests will be processed. We appreciate the support that Bulk Sign has received from our valued users. We may revisit the feature in the future.

Webhook Enhancements

by Karthikeyan KC

Starting August 19, 2023, all 3xx, 4xx, and 5xx HTTP response status codes from the webhook receiver will be considered a webhook failure.

Signeasy will follow an exponential backoff strategy upon a callback reception failure and retry the failed events over 24 hours as per the retry policy.

All envelopes initiated from Signeasy now have an expiration time associated with it. Based on the valuable feedback from businesses, this change has been introduced to enable businesses to have better control over their contract turnaround times.

For envelopes initiated via the Signeasy esignature API, the expiry time will be reflected in the expiry_time attribute in the response payload for all envelope-related endpoints, including the callbacks. The time is a UNIX timestamp.

This expiry time will be configurable so that a business can also change the default expiry time to a longer one, say for up to 399 days, for cases where the contracts might take a longer time to be complete.

We're excited to announce that Signeasy Bulk Sign API is now out of beta and is now available for all Signeasy API v3.0 users.

With Bulk Sign API, a signer can be enabled to sign multiple documents in one go with a simple click-and-sign interface. This automates manual workflows where a counter-signing party like an HR professional needs to sign and finalise hundreds of contracts on a regular basis.

Learn how to sign multiple documents in one go with the Bulk Sign API.

We at Signeasy are constantly improving our API infrastructure and are focused to improve the reliability and stability of our service to customers like you. As part of this process, we have introduced rate limits to our API service effective today.

All API clients shall be allowed to make API calls to Signeasy with a rate limit of 80 API requests per minute and a burst limit of 20 API requests per 10 seconds. Beyond these limits, you will start receiving responses with the HTTP code 429.

These fair usage limits are set to ensure that our resources are shared fairly with all our customers and to prevent abuse from bad and misconfigured agents.

We’d be happy to assist you with any queries regarding this. Please reach out to us at [email protected]. Refer to the documentation for more details.